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We are a Black owned family business focused on supporting new ventures and nonprofits that improve the lives of communities of color.

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Supporting Entrepreneurs in Underrepresented Communities
A Black-owned family business
changing the narrative around entrepreneurship
Supporting Entrepreneurs With

The Family Touch

Tinner Enterprises LLC is a Black owned family business that invests resources, time, knowledge, and funds in support of new ventures and nonprofits that improve the lives of communities of color, with a particular focus on people from Black/African, Indigenous, LatinX, and Islander heritages.

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The Melanin Shop

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“Not only does entrepreneurship remove educational barriers, it also leads to higher wages. When you control for education, ability, parental income, and more, entrepreneurs’ incomes are higher than those of people working traditional jobs. ”

Brian Hamilton
4 Ways to Engage

Tinner Enterprises LLC provides 4+ ways for entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and the greater community to engage with them. Whether you're looking for support in launching your business, advice on a new venture, or resources for your nonprofit — we have you covered.


Retain members of the Tinner Enterprises and their staff to advise you on your work.

  • Brainstorming
  • Creative Process
  • Marketing Power
  • Design Direction
  • Development
Vested Interest

Exchange ownership for the manpower and resources of Tinner Enterprises LLC.

  • Marketing Power
  • Design Direction
  • Development
  • Workflow
  • Teambuilding
Business Summit

Gain essential skills for your business and connect globally with entrepreneurs.

  • Startup Process
  • Virtual Networking
  • Investing
  • Marketing
  • Financial Planning

Receive donations and manpower to support the mission of your organization.

  • Communication
  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising
  • Teambuilding
  • Management

Highlighted Companies

Across the world are amazing entrepreneurs and innovators. Below are some of our favorite Black/African American, LatinX, Indigenous, and Pacific Islander owned businesses. We encourage you to shop and support or tell us about others we should know about.

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 “Entrepreneurship—especially social entrepreneurship—brings value to the fight against poverty that other players—governments, corporations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) don’t.”

Devin Thorpe
Event Planning

Receive support in planning an event to promote your business or join in on one of our established events.

Website Management

Share your story with the world by building out your responsive website utilizing our resources and tools.

Social Media Marketing

Develop your own tribe by using our community engagement and social media marketing strategies.

Public Speaking

Invite members of our Family to attend your event as a public speaker, workshop facilitator or guest.


Fully functional eCommerce platform to sell your established products and bid on product requests.


We will help you fund your business, through direct investment or support in procuring different funding.

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Melanin History & Entrepreneurship
Celebrating Melanated History
365 Days of the Year
The Postman Seattle (Blog2)
Tinner Enterprises

The Postman Seattle

The Postman is a creative third party authorized ship center. Also, they are a one stop shop for all of your mail and business needs. ...

Akoin (Blog2)
Tinner Enterprises


Akoin is a cryptocurrency powered by a marketplace of tools and services fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs and social activists....

Numbers Don't Lie, CPA (Blog2)
Tinner Enterprises

Numbers Don’t Lie, CPA

Numbers Don't Lie, CPA specializes in accounting and tax preparation services for a wide variety of clients. Their services include tax planning and more....

Empowered Holistic Health (Blog2)
Tinner Enterprises

Empowered Holistic Health

Started by a Special Education Assistant, Empowered Holistic Health is Black-owned and located in the Rainier Beach, Seattle, WA area and empowers people to live healthy and productive lifestyles....

Melanin is Life (Blog2)
Tinner Enterprises

Melanin is Life

Melanin Is Life is a Black-owned, socially-conscious, lifestyle brand. It was founded to promote the POWER of BLACK UNITY and the BEAUTY of MELANIN. ...

Soul Sistahs Naturals (Blog2)
Tinner Enterprises

Soul Sistahs Naturals

Soul Sistahs Naturals make Natural skin care and body products from home. Their products contain no alcohol nor any harsh chemicals. They smell delicious and feel even better....

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Changing the Narrative

Supporting entrepreneurs and nonprofits in changing
the narrative for communities of color.

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