Business Services

Tinner Enterprises LLC’s business services provide entrepreneurs and freelancers with flexible support in starting, growing, and managing their companies. Through business resources provided by both Tinner Enterprises and our preferred partners we provide products/tools, coaching, investment, and management all for the betterment of your company. Anyone may partner with our team through a 12-month retainer to receive operational support, access to our network, access to our resources, and much more.

Business Services

Startup Package

The Startup Package is best for entrepreneurs and freelancers who have a new venture idea and want help in establishing the right formation with their government as well as putting together the appropriate governing documents for ensure they can operate appropriately going forward.

Also, as part of the startup package we will help you plan a launch party for your event to celebrate the opening with your network as well as the greater community. We celebrate birthdays and when people start a new job, it’s time to start celebrating when entrepreneurs and freelancers start a new business.

Business Startup Package (2)
  • Articles of Incorporation: Documents needed to register with your state as a business entity. Also, needed to file with the federal government.
  • EIN: Used to identify your business when filing taxes, opening bank accounts, applying for loans, and much more.
  • Dun & Bradstreet: an agency that provides a credit rating for your business that helps you with requesting future loans on business credit.
  • Agreements: The operating, non-disclosure, and non-compete agreements help with maintain the intellectual property and governance of your new venture.
  • Policies: Your terms of service and privacy policies provide an agreement you can give to clients and visitors online to outline what you’ve agreed to and they’ve agreed to.
  • Budget Planning Support: We will support you in planning your first three years of operations so you can set appropriate pricing and seek funding as needed.
  • Launch Party: Support in creating a virtual (or in-person) celebration for the opening of your new venture to garner support and new customers.

Growth Package

The Growth Package is best for entrepreneurs and freelancers who already have an established business or plan to start one and want support in growing their business. You’ll gain access to all resources in the startup package that provides you the appropriate legal footing but will receive additional resources to make traction.

Also, as part of the growth package we will build out a website and social media accounts or help you evaluate your current website and social media accounts to find ways to improve your engagement with the community. Regardless to if you are a brick-n-mortar business or remote business, having an online presence is essential.

Friends at party laughing at something on cell phone screen.
  • Startup Package: Documents needed to gain stable footing for your business.
  • Community Engagement Services: This is a great way to improve on your customer engagement strategy. It includes listening tour services, creation of a brand ambassador program, building community, community education, and improving your employee’s experience.
  • Event Planning: Support in planning as many events as you want throughout the year and guidance in creating a remarkable experience.
  • Website Development: If you don’t have a website then we will create one for you from scratch, if you have one then we’ll help you improve on any pain points you’ve noticed or may not have noticed.
  • Social Media Development: If you have social media channels then we will help you strategize on engagement, otherwise we will create new accounts for you if you don’t have them already.
  • Annual taxes filing: Through our partner accounting firm we will make sure your annual and quarterly business taxes are filed so you remain in good standing.
  • Strategic Planning: The best part of our coaching services is helping you plan for the future and dealing with unforeseen challenges.

Manage Package

The Manage Package is best for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want an extra lift to the execution of their work. This provides the opportunity for our team to take over certain non-essential operations that allow you to focus in on the experience your customers have with your products and services.

Also, as part of the manage package we will help you build partnerships with other businesses, nonprofits, and schools that will help you either reduce costs or help you increase the reach of your brand. 

Business Manage Package (2)
  • Growth Package: Beginning steps towards building a social presence and community for your business.
  • Event Management: To help you with the execution of your desire to engage with your community we will manage the operations of your event so you can focus on engaging with your attendees.
  • Website Management: We’ll host your website on our server and provide consistent updates, backups, and support your customers in having an enjoyable journey.
  • Digital Marketing Management: A great way to increase your social presence without having to monitor it yourself. We’ll manage your digital marketing for organic engagement and work within your budget for paid engagement.
  • Employee wage processing: If you have employees (up to 20 total included in this plan) you’ll have access to our partner system that provides: full-service payroll, workers’ comp administration, direct deposits, PTO policies and time-off requests, health insurance administration, and more.

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