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We are a Black owned family business focused on supporting new ventures and nonprofits that improve the lives of communities of color.

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Partner with Tinner Enterprises LLC and move the needle on changing the narrative around entrepreneurship. We provide 5 ways for individuals, companies, and nonprofits to partner with us to work towards mutually beneficial success.

Tinner Enterprises LLC provides five ways for entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and the greater community to partner with them. Whether you're looking to help other entrepreneurs, support in launching your own business, advice on a new venture, or resources for your nonprofit — we have you covered.

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We welcome all members of the community who wish to support Black/African American, LatinX, Indigenous/Native American, and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs and nonprofits. Partnering with Tinner Enterprises LLC is a great way to work collectively with others to change the narrative of communities of color. Also, you can provide services, resources, mentoring, or capital to support others in reaching their goals and self defined comfortable life.

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Our consulting services provide entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders with flexible support in starting and operating their companies. Also, consulting services are paid services that consists of mentoring, coaching, advisement, and management. Anyone may partner with our team through a 12-month retainer to receive operational support, access to our network and resources, and much more.

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Resource Investing

Resource Investing is perfect for entrepreneurs who aren't necessarily interested in financial capital for their business but would like to gain access to our resources, network, and consulting at no cost. However, it's provided in exchange for a percentage of ownership in your company. In our case we invest both human and non-human resources into startups in exchange for a percentage of ownership. This goes back to the tribe and community mindset where we succeed and win together.

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Financial Investing

Financial Investing is perfect for entrepreneurs who don't necessarily need resources or consulting for their business but are in need of financial capital in exchange for a percentage of ownership. However, financial investing is reserved for entrepreneurs who: (1) has a track record of success with other businesses, (2) has a truly innovative idea, or (3) has been in business already with some sales for their product/service. Our financial investing model focuses on helping you expand and letting you do what you do best, operate your business.

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Nonprofit services are perfect organizations serving communities of color, people who are homeless, people with lupus and their children, or people with cancer and their children. Also, nonprofit services are great for those seeking infrastructure support at no cost to them, board service, or donations/sponsorship. However, Tinner Enterprises LLC only supports nonprofit organizations who staff, volunteers, and board of directors are reflective of the populations they serve.

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Next, you can take one of two actions. First, you can choose to submit a proposal to Tinner Enterprises LLC, encompassing multiple or one form of partnering based on what you need or would like to accomplish. Also, if we like your initial proposal then we'll request more information with you so we can help you reach your goals.

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