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We are a Black owned family business focused on supporting new ventures and nonprofits that improve the lives of communities of color.

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Business Services

Partner with us and move the needle on changing the narrative around entrepreneurship. We provide a variety of ways for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners to partner with us to work towards mutually beneficial success.

Tinner Enterprises LLC’s business services provide entrepreneurs and freelancers with flexible support in starting and operating their companies. Through business resources provided by both Tinner Enterprises and our preferred partners we provide products/tools, coaching, investment, and management all for the betterment of your company. Anyone may partner with our team through a 12-month retainer to receive operational support, access to our network, access to our resources, and much more.

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Business Suite

Our business suite provides you with access to multiple services and products that we provide. Also, included in our business suite are the options to add accounting and human resource services to your resources. The business suite bundles our services into a group rate when you select three or more of our services. It’s the best way to address several needs you have at once rather than finding multiple partners. 

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Business Consulting

Consulting services provide entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners with flexible support in starting and operating their companies. Also, consulting services are paid services that consists of mentoring, coaching, and advisement.

Community Engagement - Social Media Connections

Community Engagement

Our community engagement services provide you with the opportunity to look at your target market as something more than a transaction. It’s about understanding and engaging with them in a real and authentic way to ignite their passion for your brand.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The world is becoming more digital and our digital marketing services provide you with the opportunity to engage with your community through social media, instant messages, text messages, and content marketing in order to gain more traffic and leads.

Event Management

Event Management

Providing a remarkable experience for your community during an event is a great way to ignite their passion for your products and services. Our team will work with you to design your event or workshop, regardless to your audience being 10 or 1,000. Also, events can be conducted online or in person depending on your needs.

Financial Investing - Companies - Group of diverse people with store grand opening board

Financial Investing

Financial Investing is perfect for entrepreneurs who don’t necessarily need resources or consulting for their business but are in need of financial capital in exchange for a percentage of ownership. However, keep in mind that the review process is more stringent than Resource Investing.

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We welcome all members of the community who wish to support Black/African American, LatinX, Indigenous/Native American, and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs and nonprofits. Partnering as a business with us is a great way to work collectively to change the narrative of communities of color.

Resource Investing for Startups - African Couple Meeting With Black Male Financial Advisor bank ma

Resource Investing

Resource Investing is perfect for entrepreneurs who aren’t interested in financial capital but would like to gain access to our resources, network, and consulting at no cost. We invest human and non-human resources into startups in exchange for a percentage of ownership. This goes back to the tribe & community mindset where we succeed together.

Website Management for Small Business

Website Management

Having an eye appealing, mobile responsive website is essential to the long term success of your business. Social media platforms can be shut down at anytime by their owners but your website will never be shut down unless you choose to. Our team will help you keep your website up to date and protected from threats. Also, you can host your own store or hold online courses for your community.