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We are a Black owned family business focused on supporting new ventures and nonprofits that improve the lives of communities of color.

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Resource Investing

Maximize your startup or small business' growth through our tangible and intangible resource investing for startups in exchange for a percentage of ownership.
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Resource Investing for Startups

Tinner Enterprises LLC’s resource investing for startups is part of our business services and provides entrepreneurs and freelancers with tangible and intangible support towards achieving their operational goals. The best way to grow your business is through collaboration. As a community we grow stronger when we work together and capitalize on resources and the purchasing power that we hold as a collective.

Resource Investing is perfect for entrepreneurs who aren’t interested in financial capital but would like to gain access to our resources, network, and consulting at no cost. We invest human and non-human resources into startups in exchange for a percentage of ownership. This goes back to the tribe & community mindset where we succeed together.


Our business consulting and advising services are a part of our intangible resource investing options that provide you with our expertise and connections to the communities our organization already works with. This includes guidance on developing your business to securing essential partnerships for your company’s growth.

Community Engagement

Our community engagement services provide you with the opportunity to develop a relationship with your customers and clients so that you can ignite their passion for the company. This includes online engagement, surveys, popup events, and more, all with the goal of building community.

Digital Marketing

Managing digital marketing campaigns can become time consuming and tiresome. However, our resource investing for startups provide your startup or business access to our digital marketing resources. This allows you, if you choose, to manage your marketing with our tools or have our team take care of it all for you.

Event Management

Whether you want to conduct a virtual event or an in-person event, providing events for your community is a great way to engage with current and prospective customers. As part of our resource investing, our team will help you implement your event or add you as a speaker to some of our ongoing events.

Human Resources

If your business has employees or you’re an LLC S Corp then you will want to utilize the human resource options for our resource investing services. Your company will have access to our systems and infrastructure that will allow you to streamline several essential human resource items for improve people experience.

Website Management

As part of our resource investing we will provide you with the full suite from the website services. This will give you access to your website being hosted at no cost to you, a learning management system, an eCommerce store, conversion funnels, and more that will allow you to increase your engagement.

Resource Investing for Startups Plans

Thank you for your interest in being a recipient of resource investing. However, the Tinner family has decided to accept resource investing proposals by invitation only. Invitation only proposals will last until 2022. Furthermore, invitations are made based on previous interactions the family has had with you or your company. Nonetheless, we’ve outlined below some ways for you to engage with the family to become eligible for an invitation for a resource investment.

Previous Client

Firstly, when you are a previous recipient of the services provided by Tinner Enterprises LLC or Innovation Tribe of America then you are eligible for an invitation for resource investing. You will have met a Tinner family member at some point or can request a meeting from your assigned Success Manager.


If you have previously partnered with Tinner Enterprises LLC members on a project or program before then you are eligible for resource investing. If you already have their contact information then you can reach out to them otherwise you can use the contact us page and include a reminder of what project/program you partnered on.


Attend a free or paid event that is either hosted by Tinner Enterprises LLC or a member of the family is attending. Furthermore, the family tries to follow-up with individuals from events that they have a meaningful interaction with.

World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Also, current scholars or alumni members to the World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship are invited to request resource investing. You will have opportunities to engage with the Tinner family and share your ideas.

BE THE WAIE Campaign

If you are a supporter of the BE THE WAIE campaign then you have access. You have supported scholarships for young scholars to attend an innovation and entrepreneurship digital learning high school. Thus, there will be opportunities to share your ideas and business ventures with the Tinner family for future follow-up.