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We are a Black owned family business focused on supporting new ventures and nonprofits that improve the lives of communities of color.

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Website Management

Maximize your website investment through regular updates with website management for small business. Affordable & tiered pricing for your business needs.
Website Management for Small Business

Website Management for Small Business

Tinner Enterprises LLC’s website management for small business is a part of our business services and provides entrepreneurs and freelancers with flexible support in maintain their online presence through a website. The best way to maximize your website investment is to make sure it’s being updated regularly. Think of your website like a house. It’s better to maintain than it is to fix emergencies.

Having an eye appealing, mobile responsive website is essential to the long term success of your business. Social media platforms can be shut down at anytime by their owners but your website will never be shut down unless you choose to. Our team will help you keep your website up to date and protected from threats. Also, you can host your own store or hold online courses for your community.

Domain Management

Annual registration of your domain and short domain. We’ll also include appropriate dot endings when available and point them to your main domain.

Regular Content Updates

Updating your content is a very important part to website management. We’ll work with you to plan and implement a schedule for content updates. Your website stays current, relevant, and intriguing.

Virtual Private Server

You’ll be able to host your website on our virtual private server which means higher uptime, bandwidth, and more. You won’t have to worry about limits on how complex your website is with us.

SSL Certificate

Adding an SSL certificate to your domain allows it to be accessed over a secure connection using the HTTPS protocol. This encrypts the data transmitted between a visitor’s web browser and your website, ensuring all data transmitted back and forth is safe and secure.

Weekly System Updates

Having an up to date system for your website helps prevent hackers from easily gaining access. We provide weekly updates to your website’s apps and core functions so that hackers won’t find back doors to your content.

Daily Automated Backups

Sometimes your website can crash depending on traffic overload or you’re updating something on your website and it doesn’t go as planned. The automated backups provide the opportunity to roll your website back to the previous version.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO increases the quality and quantity of your website traffic by increasing your visibility through web search engines like Google and Bing. Website management for small business helps you improve your SEO, an organic or unpaid results process compared to paid advertisements. Our SEO process also includes back-links, inbound links, and more.

Email Marketing Management

Having followers is great, however, having a newsletter and subscribers is essential. We’ll help you improve on this during your website management services. Being able to communicate to a community and audience of supporters makes it easier to cultivate them as active members of your community, either as event attendees, refers, or purchasers.

Optimized Sales Funnels

Removing the distractions from the sales and email submission process provides a greater increase in sales from customers. Our team will help you create funnels to lead your community through a path as part of your website management services. They’ll be able to purchase your solutions that help them solve the problems they’re facing.

Social Media Contests

Everyone loves a good contest. It’s part of human nature to want to win at something you try at. We’re here to help you design social media contests that will allow your community to engage and win prizes while driving traffic as part of your website management services. During the process, your followers will increase your following and share your message while increasing your following on your behalf.

eCommerce Store

As part of your website management partnership you’ll have the option to host an online store through your main domain or a sub-domain. From simple physical products and appointments to members-only digital content, you can sell anything with your eCommerce store. Let customers choose from endless product variations, subscription options, single items, or bundles.

Learning Management System

If you are interested in being an infopreneur then we have you covered. Our learning management system solutions for website management provide you the opportunity to sell courses online to your community, provide free education in exchange for email addresses, or even create a marketplace for others to sell their courses to your community and customers.

Website Management for Small Business Plans

  • Hosting

  • $23.77

    • Domain and subdomain management
    • Website Hosting on Virtual Private Server
    • WordPress Native Website and Content Creation
    • SSL Certificate for Website
    • Weekly Plugin, Theme & Core Updates
    • Site Performance Check and Uptime Monitoring
    • Automatic Malware Scan
    • Advanced Firewall
    • Daily Automated Backups
    • Site Migration Services
    • Core Website Security and Performance
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Best Value
  • Marketing

  • $63.00

    • Website Hosting Plan
    • Pro Website Security and Performance
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Keyword Comparison & Google Trends
    • Google Crawl Errors
    • Automated Image SEO
    • XML Sitemap
    • Rich Results Support and Schema
    • Advanced Redirection Manager
    • Social Media Account Integration
    • Email Marketing Management
    • Lead Generation Funnels
    • Digital Content Calendar Management
    • Link Shortening, Retargeting Pixels & CTAs
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  • Plus

  • $105.00

    • Website Marketing Plan
    • Optimized Sales Funnels
    • Social Media Competitions
    • Social Media Instant Rewards
    • eCommerce Plugin Suite
    • Learning MS Plugin Suite
  • Request Services