Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

At Tinner Enterprises LLC we believe “it takes a village to raise a child”. However, we also believe it takes a village, working through strategic partnerships, to strengthen communities of Black/African, Arab, Indigenous, LatinX, and Islander heritages. Also, the more we work together the easier it is to multiply the impact we have for generations to come. Nonetheless, we’re here to walk with you, together, on the journey to change the narrative for the community.

We welcome all members of the community, regardless of ethnicity or citizenship, who wish to work together to change the narrative and to help create a community of success to reach out to us. Our strategic partnership service is part of our process to accomplish our mission. Partnering with us is a great way to work collectively to change the narrative for communities of color.

Mutually Beneficial

Our goal is that our strategic partnerships not only serve our communities of interest but also are mutually beneficial for Tinner Enterprises and you. This means that in order for us to have a successful partnership both groups need to feel like they are accomplishing their goals.

Values Alignment

Before you participate in strategic partnerships, ask yourself does Tinner Enterprises align with my values and do I as an individual, company, or nonprofit align with their values. The partnered cause should reflect both entities values and operate in a way that is respectful to the perspectives of each group.

Open Communication

During partnerships, open communication is essential. We commit to maintaining an open path for communication during agreement and we request that you do the same. We understand that some topics may be proprietary or confidential, but request, when appropriate, that information be shared both ways.

Generate Revenue

The cause is philanthropic, however, for strategic partnerships it is important that both groups keep in mind that we must generate revenue through activities we conduct. This does not mean that either party has to become wealthy from the partnership but we should not have a net loss from operating the partnership.

Community Visibility

The collaboeation should increase awareness of not only our company but of you too. We should both utilize our networks and build trust with consumers and community members. Visibility or acknowledgement for what we’re doing is not the main purpose but it’s a matter of being savvy so that we create a movement.

Have Fun

The most important part of any partnership is to make sure you have fun. We love working with individuals who are passionate and enjoy the work they are doing. Thus, we prioritize maintaining partnerships with individuals and businesses that have a similar mentality about their work and collaborations.

Strategic Partnerships Process

Thank you for your interest in strategic partnerships with Tinner Enterprises LLC. We follow a very strict process for approval and establishment of partnerships in an effort to ensure that all inquiries are treated fairly and equitably. Please, follow the below outlined process to submit your partnership request.


Step 1

Craft a vision

Firstly, when you are ready to begin the partnership you will need to craft an overview of how you envision the partnership. Strategic partnerships with a clear vision are more likely to be approved than those that are left open ended. Also, all partners are expected to identify tangible or intangible resources that they bring to the partnership to help us better identify the best ways to collaborate.


Step 2

Memorandum of Understanding

We typically review strategic partnerships within three working days. Once we have reviewed your proposal for strategic partnership we will provide you with either an approved, revision needed, or denied status. If you’ve received an approved status then you will be provided with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the partnership. You’ll need to review, sign, and return it to us by the deadline.


Step 3

Planning Meeting

Once we have received your signed MOU, a member of our team will schedule a time for you to meet us to have a planning meeting. Please, make sure you select a time that you are sure works with your schedule.

Request a Strategic Partnership

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